A Poem by Rachel Samuel

For love to move

in time and space

there must needs be

the sight of form, the feel of place

for love to trace

in its flow

from “here am I”

to “there you go.”

It’s but myself I see

reflected in another’s eye

not just form

but myself entire

expressing that dictum divine

to love my neighbor

who, as love, is me and mine.

Rachel Knight Samuel

Bill and Rachel Having Fun



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5 responses to “A Poem by Rachel Samuel

  1. Sharn, it comes to me to share with you my practice over the years of gifting libraries with titles I know assist in “getting one’s basic metaphysics straight,” Bill’s declared purpose in his early travels speaking to groups where he was invited. I enjoy providing surprises to unknown individuals opportunities of Self- discovery. Each donation is designated as available through an ILL, an inter-library loan. I currently refer American and Canadian individuals to David’s ‘The Wonder Within You’ because it’s title is now listed in several libraries on this continent through WorldCat. You might enjoy being the first to provide similar discovery through one of your libraries, and after awhile, also enjoy providing your own on-line Amazon review.

  2. Sharn

    Ahoy there shipmates

    Lovely scrumptious William “popped into my life” last June thru his Awareness and Child books and altho I resisted I fell in love with Billy the kid lol and Angel Han how could I not sweet beautiful gentle soul has helped meto carry on, totally lost in the wilderness a metaphysicla masochist who didin’t konow it!! Glad thats over and done with.

    Love love love your poem Rachel Jane and all your comments suchild seen you on other blogs too you have helped a lot wonderful reflection of childheart both of you. Would love to share/

    Love smiles and sparkles

    SharnChild still bit sleepy…….

    • You’re a lively one, Sharn- what happens when you’re not not sleepy, more or less playful? I’m enjoying your sunny energies here where fresh snow is glistening in morning sunlight. Your term, “metaphysical machocist” is my first laugh of the day. Humor gets us through our sincere mazes in amazing ways, huh! (do you say, “eh?”) You may enjoy Kay’s site, therestofmyself, and a new site I’ve just discovered-the blog discussion ‘fits’ your sharing, Center for Living Truth, indeed! I’m currently working with Bill’s suggestions when first awakening-A Practical Philosophy, A Way to Begin the Day, pages 77-80 in The AWARE-NESS of SELF Discovery (from the jacket) Have you read this book, which contain simple suggested explorations? This morning’s experience was so funny! Rachel Jane’s only piece of writing we have to share says it All.

      thanks so much for sharing today-playful energy for what my mom used to kindly say: Su-Su,it’s time to put everything away now!

      in this continuum,

    • Hi Sharn,
      I found that reading Bill’s, Melody of the Woodcutter and the King every day aloud for 2 weeks was a very powerful experience.
      Bill recommended I do this and it was amazing.
      Take care

  3. Hi, Rachel Jane – how refreshing to both see you and hear your thoughts.

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