New Talks in the Library

Hello all, thank you to Su Child for making these talks available to everyone. You can now stream them at the library.


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4 responses to “New Talks in the Library

  1. Just discovered Bill’s work. Loving it!

    • Thank you, John,
      I appreciate you letting me know the imortance of salvaging and sharing Bill’s presentations. From reels and cassettes to CDs to MP3s, the Great Mystery continues to reveal ways to assist us. Are you doing any writing?

  2. New Talks coming soon to the Library, Bill’s 1972 Seminar on the San Francisco Peninsula on ‘The Mountain of Me,’ and his 1970 Class for those, who’d attended his northern California presentations and attended from Carmel to San Francisco, and communities in-between.

  3. su child

    Amazing Grace! These first audible glimpses of Bill Samuel’s early Talks provide a broad spectrum of his interests. We hear his own words and feel his intentions. Timely? More Talks upcoming. I welcome your responses.

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